‘basic space coffee’ in thailand is a coffee shop that was once a home, a grocery store, and a restaurant. bodinchapa architects was commissioned to transform the original space into a new café that preserves as many memories of the previous functions as possible, as they were instrumental to the gradual growth of both the building and the area.

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the coffee shop has a prime location, diverse customers, and a lot of potential in terms of spatial quality. however, the existing building still lacks the appropriate space allocation and is unable to accommodate its clients sufficiently. the designers incorporated new elements and materials into what this space already has to offer, creating a project that can go on in the future in a sustainable way. ‘basic space coffee’ is the simplest interpretation of space design – hence the name, and is meant to be an area shared in harmony by many generations.

basic space coffee 2



the exterior frames of the building, such as the roof trusses and cladding materials, were preserved and kept intact. the designers chose to let the change begin in the interior space. they turned the original flat ceiling into a sloped one, adding more dimension to the vertical axis and making the shop area feel airier. bodinchapa transformed an old ‘kha-sing’ wooden table that the client wanted to keep, into the coffee bar — a main design element in the space. these table sets were bought by the parents of the original houses and therefore hold a significant meaning to them. a wooden table is used as the main piece of furniture in the outdoor area as well as indoors. the outdoor space opens onto a view of khlong makham-rieng, which is a canal that has a long history with the area.

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adding new materials to the area does not destroy the original charm but pushes it to continue sustainably into a more modern era. the designers believe that if the original context they chose to keep will create conversations and dialogues between people, then the design goal is reached.

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project info:


name: basic space coffee

designer: bodinchapa architects

location: phra nakhon si ayutthaya, thailand

area: 100 sqm (1,036 sqft)


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