architecture studio mptns has introduced ‘SVALKA.spb’, a new designer second-hand store in st. petersburg, russia. the project’s concept is based on conscious consumption, and idea that each thing is special and valuable. following this attitude, the shop is a laconic space in which each item becomes unique. 

store svalka spb 1

all images by anton ivanov 



the peculiarity of the interior, designed by mptns, lies in the entrance of the store which leads visitors coming from the street directly to the second floor. the staircase appears practically in the middle of the hall, cladded by a sloping cube that emphasizes the uniqueness of the layout. this design serves as a symbol of transition from chaos to orderliness.

store svalka spb 2



upon passing through the staircase, visitors meet a laconic space of consciousness. the simplicity of the environment gives a new meaning to all the objects within the interior – which now look like art pieces. the store is divided into two halls, with the first one containing a library, a minimalistic reception, in front of which there are large display cubes with partner products, and the main area with hanging rails. in the second hall there are rails with clothes and two dressing rooms.

store svalka spb 3



the owner plans to increase the number of fitting rooms in the future, so it was decided to make two regular changing rooms and one mirror with illumination on the wall – for quick fitting of outerwear or accessories. if necessary, it will be possible to order curtains with rails to the mirror and turn it into a full fitting room.

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project info:


name: SVALKA.spb
architecture office: mptns
lead designer: ilyas chozhobekov


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