located in a private subdivision in the city of guadalajara, mexico, the bonsai house by abraham cota paredes is a minimal space that rests on a lot facing southwest on a downward slope of 2m. the house features a combination of stone, concrete and white ironwork on the façade with a touch of rustic finished that linger inside the dwelling. the minimal, all-white color palette gives the house freshness and simplicity.

bonsai house 1
all images courtesy of abraham cota paredes



abraham cota paredes designed the house for a young couple with children who wanted a space with an indoor pool to be used for exercise and physical therapy. based on this, the architects adapted the common areas, including the living room, dining room, and kitchen, to the clients’ needs. taking advantage of the 2m of elevation, the owners decided to use half levels—elevating the social area on the first floor and bedrooms one level above.

bonsai house 2



the ground floor was designed as an open space with a dining room attached to the kitchen and the living room and pool open to two gardens. inside, the two different levels achieve a perfect harmony due to the pool which has a height 2.5 higher than that of the rest of the first floor. due to its glass cover, the entry of natural light and creates a chimney effect of heat and humidity.

bonsai house 3



similarly, the study which has a difference in levels creates a play space for the kids to spend time. on the upper floor, the laundry area and bedroom are situated above the garage and main entrance.. these areas have a diagonal view given the lateral restriction. as for special installations, the owners installed solar panels and a solar heater in order to make the home more sustainable and energy self-sufficient.

bonsai house 4

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project info:


name: bonsai house

architects: abraham cota paredes arquitectos

location: guadalajara, jalisco, mexico


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