boo hoo woo adds three rooms to home by yutaka kawahara
all photos by hiroyuki tsuda
all images courtesy of yutaka kawahara design





‘boo hoo woo’ by yutaka kawahara design studio, is a response to the client’s wishes of a house that provided more insulation to account for the harsh japanese winters. not being able to afford a new house completely, three additional rooms were fashioned to connect to an existing dwelling. each zone is attached at a 30 degree tilted axis, opening up to hug a surrounding garden. the three masses are distinct separate spaces but can also exist as a single unit connected by a deck, and have all the amenities to be livable without the need to be affixed to the main home. a bathroom and kitchen occupy the wedge-shaped voids between the volumes. the design of the roof differs and is characterized for the particular areas. various steeped or rounded canopies are applied to the structure to service the snowfall. a tatami mat room diverges from the theme with a lower ceiling height and flat covering. the assemblage of the shed-like buildings has a colorful exterior, with asphalt patterned tiles that decorate the rooms individually.

view of the ‘boo hoo woo’ addition from the back, attached to the existing home (left)


construction of the unifying balcony


view looking out from the rounded children’s room


the pitched roof for the living room provides immense daylighting


an additional view of the triangular shaped living room


the square tatami mat space


boo hoo woo adds three rooms to home by yutaka kawahara


site plan


section drawing


living room construction drawings and exterior cladding


construction drawings and exterior tiling for tatami room


children’s area exterior drawing





project info:



project name: boo-hoo-woo house
location: achi, nagano, japan
architect: yutaka kawahara,mamoru otani(yutaka kawahara design studio)
site area: 160 square meters
building area: 61square meters
total floor area: 47 square meters
completion: january 2011
photographer: hiroyuki tsuda