new photographs show historic bourse of copenhagen ravaged by fire

new photographs show historic bourse of copenhagen ravaged by fire

flames rip through copenhagen’s old stock exchange


A devastating fire ripped through the heart of Copenhagen this morning, consuming the city’s beloved Bourse, the historic former stock exchange. The flames, first reported around dawn, quickly engulfed the 17th-century building, leaving a charred shell and a city in shock. The Bourse, an icon of Dutch Renaissance architecture, was not just a financial center, but a cultural icon. Its distinctive spire, a four-tailed dragon known as the Spiral, dominated the city skyline for centuries. Photographer William Mulvihill, who captured haunting images of the inferno, comments:The architectural significance of the Burning of the Bourse of Copenhagen is not just a loss of a building; it is a loss of a piece of history. Architects and historians alike mourn the destruction of its intricate Spiral.’

Bourse Copenhagen fireall images © William Mulvihill



bourse Fire Contained, Extent of Damage Unclear


Firefighters battled the fire at the Bourse of Copenhagen for hours, managing to contain it before it spread to surrounding buildings. Thankfully, no serious injuries were reported, but the cultural impact is undeniable. The Bourse housed a valuable art collection, and the extent of the damage remains unclear. Danish officials have promised to investigate the cause of the fire and explore all options for the Bourse’s future. Whether the city attempts a reconstruction or carves a new path forward, the loss of this landmark will leave a lasting scar on Copenhagen’s landscape.

Bourse Copenhagen fire
Copenhagen’s historic Bourse, a 17th-century architectural icon, is destroyed in a massive fire Bourse Copenhagen fire
the blaze started early Tuesday morning, engulfing the former stock exchange and its iconic spire, the Spiral Bourse Copenhagen fire
firefighters contained the fire before it spread, but the Bourse is left in ruins new photographs show historic bourse of copenhagen ravaged by fire
no serious injuries reported, but the cultural impact is significant as the Bourse housed valuable art


the cause of the fire is under investigation

new photographs show historic bourse of copenhagen ravaged by fire
danish officials vow to explore options for the Bourse’s future, including reconstruction


William Mulvihill captures haunting images of the fire, highlighting the significance of the lost landmark


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event: Burning of the Bourse of Copenhagen

photography: © William Mulvihill

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