générale assemblée d’architectes designed a new production site for the ‘brasserie de la senne’ brewery within the former industrial district tour & taxis, in brussels. the project emerges rationally, focusing on the future evolution of the development, while establishing a series of multiple access & view points towards the production hall. 

brasserie de la senne brussels 1
all images by françois licthlé



in order to organize the new layout, the générale team extracted four main types of use from the original program: production, stock, logistics area, and administration/public spaces. these were used as the core axes of the new architectural scheme, composed of 4 main halls placed alongside the parcel. the existing brewery, which was formed as a warehouse, was customized with successive layers added on top of, next to, or replacing one another. this design approach reflects the spirit of the brewery which intends to adapt to the ever-evolving needs and situations that may arise. 

brasserie de la senne brussels 2



combined with the rigorous 4-hall diagram, the architects chose a structural frame that would allow many adaptations while keeping the identity of the building. the design features a thick serial concrete beams & columns grid that can be easily opened or close, and that can also support an intermediary story. in contrast, the roof is made of plain structural wood allowing a beamless structure.

brasserie de la senne brussels 3



part of the brief for the brewery was to create a facility that would be easy to use and easy to exhibit. as a result, the production hall is created to be widely visible from the street. once inside, any visitor is free to walk along the production tanks, following the chronological order of the brewing process. the tap room is the main gathering space for the guests, who are visually directed to the brewhouse and the fermentation tanks. this space is also open to an additional 5th exterior hall that houses a playground, a fruit tree, and a vegetable garden.

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project info: 


name: construction of the new brasserie de la senne production site

architecture office: générale assemblée d’architectes – design proposal and development by the founding members of générale as partners of l’escaut architectures



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