butterfly pavilion by 3deluxe clad with over 4,000 aluminum flowers
all images © 3deluxe, courtesy of torsten seidel, björn asmussen, joaquín busch




al noor island is the latest tourist attraction to be built in the city of sharjah, in the united arab emirates. the man-made isle was designed by austrian artist andré heller, and hosts a range of features, including a 230m2 ‘butterfly pavilion’ by german studio 3deluxe. the park was officially opened this week, with further projects slated for construction in coming months.

butterfly pavilion by 3deluxe clad with over 4,000 aluminum flowers
the roof reaches 13 meters high at some points, and has horizontal spans across a surface of 800m²




the ‘butterfly pavilion’, whose ornamental roof structure gives the island its defining characteristic, houses more than 500 species in a unique biosphere. inside the intervention’s glass-box exterior, a 3D-modeled surface — made of thermoformed krion — extends seamlessly across all walls and the floor’s entirety without repeating a single pattern.

butterfly pavilion 3deluxe designboom
three interlocking, freeform sections serve to counterbalance each other providing higher stability overall




the highly complex roof is composed of a load-bearing 3D frame with over 4,000 golden aluminum leaves of various sizes. the shape is the product of intense formal explorations using parametric design practices, and includes considerations for traditional arabian ornamentation. the result is an overlaying of materials and moods that blends into a complex, yet simple, spatial experience.

butterfly pavilion 3deluxe
the structure rests on only nine points and three pillars




back inside, is a fully-operational café. drawing influence from water lilies, the space is dominated by a light sculpture that hovers above the main seating area. dividing walls that resemble petals that have fallen to the earth, paired with comfortable furniture, provide a pleasantly cool respite from the always-intense local sunlight. 

butterfly pavilion 3deluxe designboom
individual roof elements are fastened by means of intelligent node connectors

butterfly pavilion 3deluxe
the freeform roof is composed of a load-bearing 3D frame with over 4,000 golden aluminum leaves 

butterfly pavilion 3deluxe designboom
the ‘butterfly pavilion’ provides visitors with a holistic, multisensory experience

butterfly pavilion 3deluxe
the entire roof was prefabricated and assembled on site

butterfly pavilion 3deluxebutterfly aviary

butterfly pavilion 3deluxe designboom
looking to al noor island from sharjah mainland, ‘buttefly pavilion’ visible to right 



project info:


project: butterfly pavilion, noor island, sharjah, U.A.E.
location: noor island, sharjah city, sharjah, U.A.E.
inauguration: december 15, 2015
area: 820m2
contracting authority: shurooq, sharjah, U.A.E.
client: andré heller, artevent GmbH, austria
architects: 3deluxe, germany
interior architects: 3deluxe, germany
roof construction: seele middle east, dubai, U.A.E.
pavilion construction: waagner biro gulf L.L.C., dubai, U.A.E.
interior works: candido hermida, spain
interior material: krion
light: HB-laserkomponenten GmbH, germany
planting: greenworks, dubai, U.A.E.
images © 3deluxe: courtesy of torsten seidel (1), björn asmussen (2, 6, 9-12), joaquín busch (3-5, 7, 8)



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edited by: nick brink | designboom