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carl-viggo hølmebakk step bridge spans 150 feet over vøringsfossen waterfall in norway

today, architect carl-viggo hølmebakk with the norwegian public roads administration (NPRA) opens a monumental step bridge above the vøringsfossen waterfall in norway. introduced to hardangervidda — the largest national park in the nordic region — the new scenic route attraction serves to continue a long tradition of exploring the interface between architecture, technology, infrastructure, and nature. many factors have had an impact on the design of the bridge. while the structure must be safe and robust, the bridge must reflect the language of the pre-existing trail and the landscape. of course, emphasis has been placed on the view and the experience it will provide. hølmebakk continues: ‘the bridge creates a new way to see and perceive the landscape space.’

carl-viggo hølmebakk vøringsfossen
images courtesy of carl-viggo hølmebakk AS arkitektkontor



carl-viggo hølmebakk arkitektkonto, together with the norwegian public roads administration (NPRA) present the vøringsfossen step bridge with a span of 47 meters (over 150 feet) and 99 steps. the difference in height between each end of the bridge is 16 meters (over 50 feet). while the seven components of the bridge have been hoisted in place by a crane and assembled on site, the entire step bridge is built in steel and secured with solid rock bolts drilled into the rock. project manager kjersti wold comments that the newly opened project in hardangervidda national park is ‘groundbreaking.’

carl-viggo hølmebakk vøringsfossen



carl-viggo hølmebakk’s step bridge stands to continue the gradual touristic development of vøringsfossen. the step bridge, with its footpaths and viewpoints, is the second construction stage in the NPRA’s development of the scenic route attraction of vøringsfossen. the first stage was completed in 2018 and includes views, footpaths, safety barriers, parking and a service building below the fossli hotel. the third stage, to be started in 2021, contains viewpoints, footpaths and toilet facilities. upon its completion, the entire walk around the gorge at the start of måbødalen will be safe and complete.

carl-viggo hølmebakk vøringsfossen carl-viggo hølmebakk vøringsfossen carl-viggo hølmebakk vøringsfossen carl-viggo hølmebakk vøringsfossen carl-viggo hølmebakk vøringsfossen carl-viggo hølmebakk vøringsfossen


carl-viggo hølmebakk vøringsfossen carl-viggo hølmebakk vøringsfossen



project info:


project title: vøringsfossen step bridge

architecture: carl-viggo hølmebakk AS arkitektkontor

location: vøringsfossen waterfall, hardangervidda national park, norway

contracting client: norwegian public roads administration

advisory engineer: k. apeland

rock protection: gjerden fjellsikring

contractor: consolvo AS

photography: courtesy of carl-viggo hølmebakk AS arkitektkontor

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