carlos alejandro ciravegna balances modular homes atop rocky rocky terrain in argentina
all images by gonzalo viramonte




in the mountainous region of córdoba in argentina, architect carlos alejandro ciravegna constructed five modular houses in the city of villa carlos paz. the series of house-shaped and rectangular volumes appear to balance atop of a rock, gently rising with the irregular topography. visualized together like a small village, the interiors of the five homes have been arranged to offer and respond to the different programs.

the volumes appear to balance and cantilever off the existing rock topography




the brief of the project was for the residences to respect the environment and at the same time establish their own identity within the neighborhood. its location and topography offers the inhabitants distinctive glimpses of the san roque lake and san juan.

cinco3-818x1000each residence is entered through a narrow staircase




the houses are accessed by a staircase tucked in-between the cantilevering structures which lead directly into the living room, kitchen and bathroom. the alternation of the layout has in turn, generated different outdoor communal courtyards.

cinco6-818x614the open-plan kitchen and living space




the white volumes have been constructed using in situ-cast concrete lined with bricks, meanwhile the floor and the ceiling is supported by pre-stressed beams and ceramic blocks. a shutter system has been installed in each residence to provide an extra element of security and in addition, the perforated metal emphasizes the play of light and shadow.
cinco7-818x1000the private spaces are framed with windows which overlook the valley
cinco8-818x614a shutter door system has been installed for light and security purposes

cinco4-818x1000each white volume has been constructed using in situ-cast concrete
cinco10-818x614the homes gently rise with the landscape
cinco9-818x818the residences are located in the cordoba region in argentina