heryco renovates carretas apartments in mexico with a youthful pink aesthetic

heryco renovates carretas apartments in mexico with a youthful pink aesthetic

‘carretas’ brings new life to querétaro


The recently completed ‘Carretas’ apartment project, carried out by architecture studio Heryco, stands to exemplify how a contemporary renovation can breathe new life into an existing structure. Located in Querétaro, Mexico, this apartment building underwent a remarkable transformation, offering modern and functional living spaces, contributing to the revitalization of the surrounding neighborhood, and injecting the area with a youthful spirit with a wash of soft pink.

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heryco revives a 1990s-era apartment building


Originally constructed in the 1990s, the Carretas apartment building underwent a comprehensive renovation by the architects at Heryco. The project resulted in four spacious three-bedroom dwellings, each equipped with a study area. Designed to cater to families and professionals seeking a contemporary living space, the building now boasts a fresh and appealing aesthetic. Adding to its charm, the ground floor houses an architecture office, establishing a direct connection with the street and serving as an anchor component in the building’s overall composition.

carretas heryco



overcoming unexpected challenges


During the renovation process, the Heryco team encountered unexpected challenges, particularly related to the outdated construction system used for the building’s structure. The original system, consisting of steel beams and lightweight concrete slabs, posed limitations on the remodeling options and made demolishing partition walls impossible. Despite these constraints, the architects ingeniously found an aesthetic solution by leaving the exposed steel beams uncovered. This approach not only added a touch of industrial appeal but also enhanced the spaciousness and natural lighting within the interior spaces.

carretas heryco



heryco injects a youthful spirit


One of the primary objectives of the Carretas renovation project was to give the building a more youthful and vibrant appearance. To achieve this, the design team employed playful design elements, such as pink-pigmented lime stucco, steel details, art installations, and carefully curated furniture. The result is a visually cohesive and elegant effect that exudes modernity while honoring the building’s historical context.


For the entire facade and courtyards, the architects opted for the use of ‘Nanocal’ pigmented lime stucco, which not only ensures durability but also imparts a distinctive character to the building. Structural reinforcement was also a crucial aspect of the renovation process, as the rooftop slab structure had suffered from corrosion over time. The team meticulously uncovered, cleaned, treated, and reinforced the structure from beneath, ensuring the safety and stability of the entire building.

carretas heryco



The Carretas renovation project exemplifies the positive impact that building revitalization can have on both the city and its inhabitants. By reclaiming and transforming an abandoned building into a habitable and functional space, Heryco has not only provided a solution to housing shortages but has also contributed to reducing pressure on land use and curbing uncontrolled urban expansion. The project serves as an example of how renovation can breathe new life into neglected structures, revitalize neighborhoods, and improve the overall urban fabric.

carretas herycothe renovation introduced four spacious three-bedroom dwellings, each equipped with a study area


the project breathes new life into a 1990s-era structure

carretas herycolayers of arches are washed in a soft pink hue


the architecture takes shape with pigmented lime stucco

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