tropical brutalism: cali architects hides casa borbon in the philippines' lush landscape

tropical brutalism: cali architects hides casa borbon in the philippines' lush landscape

casa borbon, a sculpture for living


Philippines-based studio Cali Architects presents its newly completed project dubbed Casa Borbon, which occupies the forested slopes of coastal Batangas. The architects view a house not just as a structure, but as a sculpture for living. The concrete Casa Borbon is hidden among mature trees and lush vegetation — the team prioritized these existing features, integrating them into the design. This thoughtful approach is expressed through the placement of windows, which frame postcard views of the surroundings, bathe the interiors in natural light, and cast soft, dancing shadows across the rooms. This interplay of light and nature generates an atmosphere of wellness and calm.

cali architects casa borbonimages courtesy Cali Architects



the durable concrete home in the trees


The cohesive design of Cali Architects’ Casa Borbon extends beyond its facade. Interiors open broadly onto the lush environment, celebrating a connection with the tropical landscape. Indoor and outdoor spaces merge, a connection emphasized by the presence of an exterior staircase connecting the two floors. The material palette of the structure reflects the design team‘s preferred Brutalist style, which exposed raw textures and bold geometric forms evoking a sense of solidity and timelessness. The architects have carefully balanced this durability with subtle touches of warmth and comfort. This interplay creates a sense of natural integration, as if the house organically emerges from the slope itself, echoing the concept of revealing a hidden sculpture crafted by nature.

cali architects casa borbon
Cali Architects believes a house is a sculpture that shapes its residents and their way of life



construction by cali architects


Breaking away from traditional construction methods, Casa Borbon is built from polystyrene panels rather than a typical assembly of hollow blocks. While a more expensive material upfront, polystyrene offers significant advantages such as lighter weight, faster installation times, and improved thermal insulation. The construction approach resulted in a swift eight-month build time. Meanwhile, Casa Borbon integrates a sophisticated smart system that manages climate control, security, and other functions. This way, the home is integrated with modern technologies while maintaining the atmosphere of being hidden among the trees.

cali architects casa borbon
an exterior staircase connects the floors and adds a unique design elementcali architects casa borbon
the house is built on a slope with existing trees and vegetation tropical brutalism: cali architects hides casa borbon in the philippines' lush landscape
windows frame scenic views and bathe the interior in natural light


Casa Borbon’s interiors open onto the surrounding landscape

tropical brutalism: cali architects hides casa borbon in the philippines' lush landscape
the Brutalist style uses raw textures and geometric forms balanced with warmth


Casa Borbon, located in Batangas, Philippines, prioritizes views of the natural environment



project info:


project title: Casa Borbon

architecture: Cali Architects | @caliarchitects

location: Batangas, Philippines

lead architect: Amon Cali

completion: 2024

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