explore casa brisa: FGMF's translucent, gardened monolith in são paulo

explore casa brisa: FGMF's translucent, gardened monolith in são paulo

a são paulo dwelling by fgmf arquitetos


Outside Brazil‘s bustling city of São Paulo, FGMF Arquitetos completes its Casa Brisa — a single-family residence defined by its translucent facade. With its captivating interplay of light and form, the dwelling takes shape as a landmark that is monolithic yet lightweight, standing against the rolling rural landscape which reaches into the horizon.


At once, the home presents a facade that is commanding and enigmatic. During the day, it emanates an aura of solidity, its form appearing rigid and monolithic when viewed from a distance. The deliberate choice of materials, characterized by strong lines and clean edges, contributes to this impression. 

casa brisa FGMFimages © Fran Parente @franparente



casa brisa’s translucent facade at twilight


In the evening, the facade of FGMF Arquitetos’ Casa Brisa becomes an ethereal and luminous, layered canvas, unveiling the obscured shadows beyond. These layers, strategically designed, serve as a bridge between the private interior and the public exterior. The residence becomes a living entity, its inner workings silhouetted against the night sky.


This way, the architects create a dialogue between daytime function and a luminous nighttime glow. The team notes that this dramatic contrast serves as a reflection of life’s dualities. The house embraces the ever-changing nature of time and perception, inviting its occupants to reflect on the passage of time.

casa brisa FGMF



interiors spill onto nature


Beyond its captivating facade, the design of FGMF Arquitetos’ Casa Brisa transcends conventional boundaries. The architects have masterfully created an harmonious flow between indoor and outdoor spaces, blurring the lines that often demarcate the two. The interior spaces extend out toward the exterior, inviting visitors to spend time in nature. The result is an immersive experience where the dwelling becomes a sanctuary that not only shelters but also celebrates the beauty of its context. The team makes use of materials which allow for the interplay of light to take center stage. This dialogue transforms the structure into a living sculpture that evolves across the day.

casa brisa FGMF
a translucent facade reveals the structure and gardens beyond casa brisa FGMF
the dwelling stands with a strong, monolithic present during the daytimecasa brisa FGMFfrom the street, the residence expresses a humble presence


FGMF Arquitetos integrates lush native landscape into the architecture

casa brisa FGMFinteriors open broadly onto the surrounding gardens


the lightweight structure is celebrated throughout the space

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