sidney quintela architecture's 'casa brise' opens widely onto tropical brazil

sidney quintela architecture's 'casa brise' opens widely onto tropical brazil

casa brise: a holiday retreat in brazil


Casa Brise, designed by Sidney Quintela Architecture + Urban Planning, is a residence located in Praia do Forte on the north coast of Bahia, Brazil. Conceived as a weekend and holiday retreat, this 580 square meter home spans two floors and a basement. The project faced the challenge of fulfilling the clients’ desire for diverse and multifunctional spaces suitable for hosting family and friends.


The ground floor of Casa Brise was elevated by 1.5 meters above street level, allowing for a fully functional basement dedicated to service and technical areas, a versatile garage accommodating up to three cars, and a home cinema. A separate gazebo on an adjacent plot serves as a game room, a living area, and a so-called ‘zen space’. The house’s layout emphasizes thermal comfort and sustainability, with natural lighting and ventilation seamlessly integrated into every room.

brise sidney quintela architectureimages © Manuel Sá



design by sidney quintela architecture + urban planning


The design team at Sidney Quintela Architecture + Urban Planning curates its Casa Brise to embody a contemporary tropical style, using a carefully selected palette of colors and materials. The exterior facades feature earth tones that harmonize with the natural surroundings. Wood is prominently used in the large window panels, pergola, and decorative elements, while green and orange hues in the outdoor furniture add vibrant touches to the leisure areas. Inside, light and gray elements create a sense of spaciousness and luminosity in the private spaces.


The ground floor includes both social areas and two unique bedroom suites: one fully accessible and another that can be converted into an office. The upper floor houses four spacious bedrooms, including a master suite that offers a stunning view, a closet, and separate bathrooms for the couple, ensuring privacy and comfort.

brise sidney quintela architecture
Casa Brise is a 580 square meter beach house in Praia do Forte, designed for weekend and holiday gatherings



interiors open onto tropical gardens


The living room is a focal point of Casa Brise, which Sidney Quintela Architecture + Urban Planning designs with double-height ceilings and an interior garden that conceals the TV. Large pivot doors and expansive windows lend a fluid connection between the indoor and outdoor areas, allowing the surrounding landscape to become an integral part of the living space. The dining area is extended onto an outdoor terrace through sliding doors, linking the leisure spaces with the tropical setting. Natural stone walls throughout the house evoke a resort-like atmosphere. The furniture in Casa Brise merges contemporary and rustic styles. Marcelo Ligieri’s chairs bring a sense of lightness and contrast to the living room, complementing the reclining side sofa. In the gourmet area, Gustavo Bitencourt’s chairs, with their linear structure, juxtapose the solid wood dining table, creating an atmosphere that is both balanced and dynamic.

brise sidney quintela architecture
the ground floor is raised to maximize basement utility, housing service areas, a garage, and a home cinema brise sidney quintela architecture
the house is designed for thermal comfort and sustainability, with natural lighting and ventilation throughout brise sidney quintela architecture
earth tones, prominent wood elements, and outdoor furniture lend a contemporary tropical style


a gazebo on an adjacent plot provides a game room, living area, and ‘zen space’

brise sidney quintela architecture
the living room’s double-height ceilings and interior garden blend indoor and outdoor environments


wood and textured burnt cement coatings add warmth and tactile quality to the interiors

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