croxatto y opazo arquitectos' casa lagunita is a rotated cube on the coast of chile

croxatto y opazo arquitectos' casa lagunita is a rotated cube on the coast of chile

a holiday home in laguna zapallar


Situated in Chile‘s beach town of Laguna Zapallar, the Lagunita House is shaped by Croxatto y Opazo Arquitectos to frame views across the coastal neighborhood. This holiday home, photographed here by Cristóbal Palma, is strategically positioned along the Laguna de Zapallar to offer a postcard retreat for its residents. Built on a three hundred square-meter plot of land, the compact dwelling exemplifies spatial optimization. Perched atop a sloping plot, the landscape is divided into three main terraces by two concrete retaining walls. The first level opens onto the street, and serves as the entrance to the home above.

lagunita croxatto opazoimages © Cristóbal Palma



casa lagunita: a cubic home glimpses the coast


Elevated three meters above the street, Croxatto y Opazo Arquitectos’ La Lagunita takes shape as a white wooden cube measuring seven meters in width and 5.5 meters in height. The architects top the cubic home with a rooftop terrace, which opens toward panoramic views of Maitencillo, Playa Laguna, and the town of Laguna. Upon entering the Lagunita House, a living room, dining room, and kitchen unfolds in an open plan. Interiors are finished with raw insigna pine wood, treated with a gentle white wash of paint. While the southern side of the home is private and closed-off, the home opens broadly out to the north through large pine windows, facing broadly toward the coast. A small terrace further extends the living space outward, and further invites nature indoors.

lagunita croxatto opazo
the house in Laguna Zapallar frames its natural surroundings and offering a coastal retreat



inside the dwelling by croxatto y opazo arquitectos


To navigate between the levels of La Lagunita, Croxatto y Opazo Arquitectos design an interior staircase which takes center stage. The first section, crafted from planed pine wood, leads to a second folded metal section, five millimeters thick, reinforced with triangular metal ribs. The second level’s bedrooms are strategically oriented towards the north, framing distant views of the hillside along with the natural beauty of the garden. The large window facing southwest extends into a covered terrace to evoke a lighthouse that welcomes the afternoon sun. This play of light adds warmth to the wooden interior walls and creates an welcoming atmosphere.

lagunita croxatto opazo
the project negotiates with its sloping plot by diving the terrain into three terraces lagunita croxatto opazo
Casa Lagunita takes shape as a white wooden cube elevated over the street croxatto y opazo arquitectos' casa lagunita is a rotated cube on the coast of chile
strategically oriented windows capture views over the town and hillside


the interior, finished in raw insigna pine, opens broadly to the north and invites nature in through large windows

croxatto y opazo arquitectos' casa lagunita is a rotated cube on the coast of chile
the dwelling is capped by a rooftop terrace opening toward the beach town of Laguna and the ocean beyond


a southwest-facing terrace evokes a lighthouse and bathes the wooden interior in warm afternoon light

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