francesco librizzi studio partially suspends delicate staircase within milanese home
photography by delfino sisto legnani




the italian architecture practice francesco librizzi studio has established a signature style in staircases for homes. seem here in ‘casa P’ where the white framed stairwell connects the two floors together in the narrow atrium of this home in milan. delicate and simple in design, the structure seems effortlessly supported by the walls on  each side and at the middle, the frame separates making the vertical circulation become two separate entities- further emphasizing the impression that it is partially floating.


during the design process of this project,  series of questions were asked to which the studio’s group of designers were sought to respond:


a) can a staircase expand the area of an interior?
b) can a staircase tell us that time passes and children grow up?
c) can a staircase tell us when we are up that a down exists?
d) can a staircase have a narrative scheme (intro – development – end) and a structural scheme that coincide?

the staircase separates at the middle giving the illusion that it is partially floating


the staircase continues to form the geometrical balustrade

exploded axonometric