a house of stone dubbed 'casa piedra' shows warm interiors in argentina

a house of stone dubbed 'casa piedra' shows warm interiors in argentina

casa piedra takes shape with stone and wood


In Córdoba, Argentina, a team of architects celebrates the completion of this Stone House, or Casa Piedra. The architecture is located within a forested region surrounded by lakes and mountains ranges, its low-lying volume sensitively occupying its natural context. In the design of the humble dwelling, the group employs a palette of local materials including stone, wood and glass, applying these materials along both the exterior and the interior spaces for a holistic expression.
casa piedra argentinaimages © Gonzalo Viramonte | @gonzaloviramonte



a house to host multiple families


The architects, a team comprising Constantino Trebucq, Josefina Trebucq, and Sirena Milagros, comment on the process of designing the Casa Piedra (Stone House) in Argentina from the earliest stages: ‘The design is based on the demands of the owners, since it is a weekend house shared by several families. For this, blocks were created, one private and the other social. They are joined by a semi-covered walkway, framed by side patios surrounded by greenery.


‘The social block develops an open concept kitchen, dining room and living room with an addition to the master bedroom. Continuing from this block is the gallery, semi-covered, with barbecue, dining room and living room spaces. And the deck and pool area with an elevated view of the lake and incredible sunsets.’

casa piedra argentina



‘The composition begins with the creation of two stone walls located in the dividing axes. Due to the slope of the land, and adapting to it, an exposed concrete plinth was created that fulfills the function of leveling and visually raising the stone module, as if it were suspended.’


‘On the main façade, a lining of railway sleepers was designed, located vertically to give a modern concept. The entrance door was designed with the same wood, to maintain the simplicity of the materials. Each piece of recovered sleepers was carefully selected to reach the desired result.’

casa piedra argentina



‘Following the route, after the walkway is the second door that connects with the main area of ​​the house. It was designed with distributed glass, to favor the connection and continue to maintain the visuals of the landscape.


‘On the opposite façade, preserving the view towards the lake, glass was placed that covers its entirety.
The interior design approach was based on the premise that, throughout the tour, the same feeling of warm and welcoming environments is maintained, with elements such as wood and stone, surrounded by nature.’

casa piedra argentina
the house is divided between two blocks to host social and private spaces

casa piedra argentinawith a wall of full-height glazing, the shared spaces open out toward the natural surroundings of argentina


Casa Piedra offers a weekend space for multiple families to gather

casa piedra argentinathe architecture is infused with gardens


lush plant-life is invited into the dwelling

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