photographed by gonzalo viramonte, AR arquitectos sites its ‘casa PLC’ along a large sloping residential plot in còrdoba, argentina. located within in a quiet neighborhood, the house is surrounded by lush plant life. each program is organized within a single level, and is proposed with a combined focus on practicality, austerity, and flexibility — all realized through simple lines and pure geometries. spanning the sweeping front yard, a dramatic and slender L-shaped frame encircles the existing carob tree, integrating it into the architecture. this frame is comprised of large exposed concrete beams which extend outward from the roof slab.

casa plc ar arquitectos
all images by gonzalo viramonte | @gonzaloviramonte



AR arquitectos organizes its casa PLC with open, outward facing social spaces which obscure the boundaries between the interior and exterior. flooded by ambient natural sunlight, a vast patio area is partially enclosed by an extended roof slab interrupted with deep skylights. full height windows are shaded by a veneer grill which fully opens towards a covered gallery which serves to transition between the interior and the external patio. leading from the kitchen space, a dramatic sliding sheet metal door visually integrates with the interior wall finish.

casa plc ar arquitectos



the materiality of casa PLC by AR arquitectos is defined by a balanced combination of white, concrete, and iron. this palette offers the project a unique language which is highlighted within its natural surroundings.
 exposed concrete slabs finished in greyed wood continue throughout the interior and are joined by elements of sheet metal detailing expressed throughout the cladding, cabinetry, and doors. this continuity serves to visually unify the interior and exterior spaces of the house, a visual connection further emphasized by the full height glazing.

casa plc ar arquitectos casa plc ar arquitectos casa plc ar arquitectos casa plc ar arquitectos casa plc ar arquitectos casa plc ar arquitectos casa plc ar arquitectos casa plc ar arquitectos



project info:


project title: casa PLC

architecture: AR arquitectos

location: còrdoba, argentina

lead architect: catalina lanza castelli

landscape: selva colección

photography: gonzalo viramonte | @gonzaloviramonte