portuguese studio dp arquitectos curates 'casa em romeira' with sunny minimalism

portuguese studio dp arquitectos curates 'casa em romeira' with sunny minimalism

casa na romeira: modern design by dp arquitectos


Casa na Romeira, a recently completed dwelling by dp Arquitectos, stands on the outskirts of Romeira in Santarém, Portugal. The essence of the house lies in its embodiment of an existential, humanized, and concrete space — a space that not only accommodates inhabitants but is imbued with profound meaning and purpose. Strategically positioned on a small hill, the work unveils its spirit not through direct and immediate access from the public road but through a deliberate act of concealment. Meandering around the property, visitors ascend alongside a preserved patch of holm oaks, instigating a sense of purposeful distance. This intentional design not only grants privacy to the occupants in their daily activities but also demands a journey of approach, allowing for a visual appreciation of the building before reaching its entry point.

casa romeira dp arquitectosimages © Ivo Tavares Studio



Visual Alignments and Landscape Integration


Designed by dp Arquitectos, Casa na Romeira is shaped by thoughtful organization and an emphasis on visual alignments that resonate with both urban and landscape perspectives. It assumes a role as a potential visual reference, harmonizing with the surrounding environment. The deliberate arrangement of spaces establishes a dialogue with the territory, enriching the architectural narrative with a sense of belonging. Multiple spaces are aggregated within distinct, clustered volumes, each possessing its unique identity and programmatic function. This fragmentation of the whole is a deliberate exploration, integrating contemporary aesthetic and constructive aspects. The resulting volume appears diminished, contributing to the dematerialization of the building’s total mass into elements of smaller, interconnected volumes.

casa romeira dp arquitectos



respecting portugal’s rural heritage


Respecting the heritage of the Portuguese rural landscape, Casa na Romeira draws inspiration from formal themes reminiscent of ‘montes.’ These structures, strategically positioned atop dominant places in the landscape, are composed of informally arranged volumes. The architectural homage to these rural buildings enriches the contemporary design with a nod to tradition, creating a blend of the past and present.

casa romeira dp arquitectoscasa romeira dp arquitectosportuguese studio dp arquitectos curates 'casa em romeira' with sunny minimalism


portuguese studio dp arquitectos curates 'casa em romeira' with sunny minimalism

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