architect sol blanc situates ‘casa urrutia’ within the growing argentinian city of córdoba. the design of the house, photographed by gonzalo viramonte, recalls childhood memories of the neighborhood and natural wooded context, generating an atmosphere of patios and trees within an urban setting. with this strategy, the project introduces a collection of spaces with varying levels of openness and privacy, integrating patio spaces and plant life.

casa urrutia sol blanc
all images by gonzalo viramonte



sol blanc arquitecta organizes ‘casa urrutia’ around a large, centralized corridor. this primary circulation space serves to articulate and transition between both the interior and exterior spaces, while secondary stairs are arranged around a tree growing with the inner courtyard. the team expresses the concept of the house as a process which undergoes change and growth. the many stages of the design-build process respond to the family’s economy together with the limits of the developing area.

casa urrutia sol blanc



the architectural language of the house recalls that of a construction site, stark and without ornamentation. with a raw and unadorned material palette, and without the use of complex technological systems, the richness of the project is expressed within its spatial configuration. blanc designs the house with the goals of reducing the level of waste typically generated in construction processes, and minimizing energy consumption so as not to overload the city’s infrastructure. together with these strategies, the project will over time incorporate new environmentally sustainable technologies.

casa urrutia sol blanc casa urrutia sol blanc casa urrutia sol blanc casa urrutia sol blanc

casa urrutia sol blanc

casa urrutia sol blanc



project info:


project title: casa urrutia

architecture: sol blanc arquitecta

location: córboba, argentina

completion: 2019

photography: gonzalo viramonte