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breezy art hub and resort 'casas elilula' hides among palm trees of coastal brazil

casas elilula arrives to coastal brazil


A collaboration between Elisa Commanay & Romain Conti-Granteral, based in London, has brought to life Casas Elilula, a seaside resort in Praia do Prea, Brazil. Sited between the Jericoacoara Sand Dunes and the Atlantic Ocean, this 1-hectare plot opens onto postcard ocean views, and receives strong, consistent winds — a perfect combination for kitesurfing enthusiasts. The architects strategically incorporated these natural elements into the design, aiming for a sustainable timber retreat that eliminates the need for air conditioning.


Casas Elilula resort is comprised of three distinct properties, Casa La, Casa Lu, and Casa Eli, each with a unique program. These buildings are thoughtfully arranged around a central communal pool and garden area, complete with a shared pool house. Landscape and garden design, overseen by Sao Paulo-based Studio DeBarro, further enhances the natural beauty of the surroundings and ocean vistas.

casas elilula brazilimages © Pedro Kok



casa la & casa Lu: bungalows and pool houses


Casa La offers a fragmented living experience, encompassing five beach bungalows which are strategically scattered across lush gardens to frame ocean views. Architects Elisa Commanay and Romain Conti-Granteral design each bungalow with a bedroom opening onto a terrace with shaded pergolas, prioritizing integration with nature. Essential services are discreetly tucked away, minimizing clutter in this ocean-centric layout.


Casa Lu embodies a different approach, envisioned as a series of three interconnected spaces surrounded by a spacious terrace with large pergolas. This design emphasizes communal living, with the poolside bungalows extending into the outdoor environment. Flexibility is a key feature, allowing residents to adjust spaces based on their preferences.

casas elilula brazil
Casas Elilula is a new seaside resort designed by Elisa Commanay and Romain Conti-Granteral



Both Casa La and Casa Lu are grounded in local construction methods. Concrete slabs, timber structures, and traditional ‘palha’ thatching form the foundation. These elements are integrated with concrete slabs that serve multiple purposes, such as rainwater collection and thermal mass utilization. To shield against strong winds, an east-facing blind facade is complemented by lush gardens. Sliding doors and ‘venezianas’ (wooden louvers) further enhance the connection with nature, while eliminating the need for air conditioning through innovative design that harnesses prevailing winds.

casas elilula brazil
the project features three unique properties: Casa La, Casa Lu, and Casa Eli



casa eli: the beach house


Casa Eli, a 600-square-meter beach villa, is elevated from the sand, offering stunning views of the surrounding landscape. The villa features a mass timber megastructure constructed with locally sourced materials. The rigidity of the grid is softened by double-height spaces, a planted patio, and several shaded terraces. This design facilitates cross ventilation and seamless indoor-outdoor living experiences, mirroring the approach seen in the guesthouses. The wooden grid-like structure defines the overall volume and rhythm of the spaces on both levels, providing a cohesive architectural element throughout Casa Eli.

casas elilula brazil
located in Praia do Prea, Brazil, the resort uses sustainable design and local construction methods



With Casas Elilula, Elisa Commanay & Romain Conti-Granteral express a deep commitment to sustainable design principles and a respect for local design strategies. The project employs traditional methods alongside contemporary practices to lend a combination of passive ventilation techniques, renewable energy utilization, and open interiors. This thoughtful design fosters an oasis-like atmosphere within a lush tropical garden.


The building prioritizes night spaces on the cooler ground floor for thermal efficiency. Living areas are situated above to capitalize on the breathtaking views. Additionally, the villa boasts a library, study room, and music studio, catering to a variety of needs. A discreetly located solar farm at the rear of the site meets the sustainable energy needs of the entire retreat.

breezy art hub and resort 'casas elilula' hides among palm trees of coastal brazil
Casa Eli, a 600-square-meter beach villa, features a mass timber megastructure



Casas Elilula serves as a platform for artistic exchange through the Elilula Collective. This initiative encourages collaboration through workshops, residencies, and public events. Notably, the inaugural year saw a partnership with online gallery Display Fever and a residency program featuring UK-based painter and designer Quentin Martin. Additionally, a six-month furniture residency brought together a diverse group of international designers who created unique, site-specific furniture pieces. Each piece now has a permanent home in one of the bungalows, adding a distinct touch and reflecting the surrounding architecture and environment.


The design, construction, and curation of both Elilula and the Elilula Collective by Commanay and Conti-Granteral showcase a commitment to creating both a physical retreat and a hub for creative exchange.


Casa La offers oceanfront bungalows with terraces, while Casa Lu emphasizes communal living

breezy art hub and resort 'casas elilula' hides among palm trees of coastal brazil
both local and contemporary materials are used, including concrete slabs, timber structures, and palha thatching


The project houses the Elilula Collective, a platform for artistic exchange

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