‘minorityrev’ by CASE-REAL in fukuoka, japan all images courtesy CASE-REAL photographer: hiroshi mizusaki




‘minorityrev’ by japanese studio CASE-REAL is a high-end clothing boutique located in a residential area outside of downtown fukuoka city. residing in an old zipper factory, the design features a non-invasive green skin to maintain the identity of the original structure while giving it a new, transformative face.



case-real: minorityrev street view



wrapped in a continuous plane of chain links, the exterior of the two-storey factory is kept intact and honest to its origins. climbing ivy grows from a strip of flower beds that run along the north and west side, continuously renewing the shop’s appearance while respecting the native façades.



case-real: minorityrev detail of growing wall


case-real: minorityrev chain-link shell


case-real: minorityrev ivy climbing the exterior


case-real: minorityrev (left) after ivy (right) before ivy


case-real: minorityrev main entrance



the interior is converted in a similar, non-intrusive manner, retaining the majority of its industrial history by highlighting the factory’s details: steel beams of the second level ceiling are left exposed while structural columns lacquered in black regulate the shop space on the ground floor; old assembly conveyor belts and stacks of floor boards serve as display surfaces for the boutique’s products.



case-real: minorityrev main floor display area


case-real: minorityrev (left) entry (right) lounge



case-real: minorityrev ground floor shop area


case-real: minorityrev



case-real: minorityrev upper level shop


case-real: minorityrev night view – before ivy


case-real: minorityrev floor plan / level 0 (1) entrance (2) approach / display (3) shop / display (4) shop (5) VIP room (6) fitting room (7) reception (8) staff room (9) toilet (10) beauty salon (11) smoking room (12) stock (13) flowerbed (14) gallery (15) office / stock



case-real: minorityrev floor plan / level +1


project info:

designer: koichi futatsumata client: minorityrev builder: ob use: boutique area: 274 m2 (ground floor), 219 m2 (first floor)