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cave car showroom by arup & unism sparks james bond vibes, in warsaw

james bond inspired underground car showroom fuels interest to warsaw’s automotive fans and not only. following a collaboration between arup and architectural studio unism, the cave-like design is engineered for a private collection of aston martins– the largest of its kind in eastern europe. ever since the car’s first appearance with the famous british agent in ’64, the specific luxury brand has become a cult object worldwide. hidden under a grassy knoll in the polish capital, the cinematic vintage garage is revealed.

cave car showroom by arup & unism sparks james bond vibes, in warsaw
bird eye view of the gardens and ramp leading to the showroom
all images courtesy of arup



expertise teams from arup and unism merge their engineering and architectural skills to nest an underground eight-strong classic car showroom. parametrically defined, the display appears through a winding access ramp that slithers downstairs. once at the lower level, the concrete curved walls lure the visitor in to explore.


‘integrating complex geometries with the surrounding landscape resulting in a cave-like space hidden beneath the park embodies unism’s vision to blend the edges between artificial and natural,’ says konrad weka, unism director.

cave car showroom by arup & unism sparks james bond vibes, in warsaw
view from the ramp 



although carved through a relatively small construction site, the structural engineering team delivered more than what meets the eye. including the DB2 drophead and vantage models, the sophisticated showroom shines its spotlight. through a three-meter skylight, the organic hall is flooded in daylight, enhancing a dramatic dusk-like ambience.


‘our team drew on their design and digital expertise to make sure we could provide solutions to the different challenges we met on the way – the site and the location next to a river. our strong collaboration has helped unlock the magic of this project, which draws visitors in to reveal a high-tech underground lair for an extraordinary classic car collection that is sure to catch the eye of car lovers everywhere,’ explains piotr konarzewski, an associate director at arup in warsaw.

cave car showroom by arup & unism sparks james bond vibes, in warsaw
concept diagrams by unism



both traditional and digital parametric design methods are used to create the ramp entrance. including parameters like the limited turning radius, wheel width and more, smooth maneuvering in and out is achieved. finally, to maintain the solid structure and visual impact, a turning platform maximizes the use of space while helping swiftly park the cars. 

cave car showroom by arup & unism sparks james bond vibes, in warsaw
glass entrance going down to the collection



along with structural challenges, sustainability also has its role. to stay warm during winter, a ground-source heat pump system collects geothermal energy. this way, recommended temperature and humidity levels are ensured into every aspect of the design, offering optimal car storing conditions. furthermore, an underground water tank collects the rainwater for watering the garden right above.


interior view of the showroom highlighting the three-meter skylight





project info:


location: poland, warsaw

engineers/designers: arup, unism

year: 2021

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