CCD's luxury hotel in china takes shape as a minimalist cocoon made of natural materials

CCD's luxury hotel in china takes shape as a minimalist cocoon made of natural materials


Banyan Tree Nanjing Garden Expo by CCD


architecture firm CCD has completed the banyan tree nanjing garden expo luxury hotel settling within a long-abandoned quarry site on the tangshan mountain, in china. once a densely planted paradise, the area has been heavily exploited by humans, leaving the topography eroded and destroyed. following the concept of a modern cocoon with simple lines and bamboo elements, the new building seeks to revive and restore the region, enabling the harmonious symbiosis of humans and nature.

CCD's luxury hotel in china takes shape as a minimalist cocoon made of natural materials
all images by wang ting photo, courtesy of CCD



a minimalist, modern cocoon


since the first priority of the project was the ecological restoration of the site, CCD deconstructed and reshaped various elements such as light, stones, forest within the abandoned limestone quarry. in this way, a new mysterious wonderland is created. inside it, the hotel presents itself as a cocoon symbolizing breaking, rebirth and sublimation. 


the architects compared the whole architecture and space to a cocoon that nurtures new life, and presented the vitality and tension of ‘cocoon break and rebirth’ with a minimalist, modern design language. the form of the cocoon is deconstructed and evolved to respond to nature. with simple lines and layered weaved bamboo elements, the space seems to return to the origin of human beings and nurture a new life in the mother-like dreamland. the curved form makes the space soft and rounded. the reshaped space reveals a visual sense of metamorphosis and amazement. it resembles a pair of open arms, giving a home-like sense of belonging. this is a place where imagination starts and expands.

CCD's luxury hotel in china takes shape as a minimalist cocoon made of natural materials


the valley of light


the CCD team believes that design is not only about form, but more importantly about becoming part of the natural environment. thus, the architects have selected natural materials to emphasize the sustainability of the project, as well as the respect it shows to the ecosystem.


based on the site’s conditions and the design intention, the designers created a ‘valley of light’ in the lobby bar. the space is curved and cut to present a natural scale and inclusiveness, making the guests feel as if they’re surrounded by a natural canyon. conceived as an adventurous tour, this valley allows guests to walk along the mountain trail and explore further and further. visitors feel like they’re standing on a cliff against the backdrop of sunset. meanwhile, natural hues and forms complete the light and elegant space which is enriched by varied structures, creating more possibilities for spatial exploration.CCD's luxury hotel in china takes shape as a minimalist cocoon made of natural materials



the forest and the valley of fireflies


the all-day-dining restaurant takes the fluid daylight and shadows to guide the circulation, enhances the emotional experience through details, and constructs a poetic modern space where light and darkness interplay. this space is simple, natural, and inseparable from nature. as the guests walk through the greenery, a whole fascinating world comes into sight.


walking from this ‘forest’ space to the ‘valley of fireflies’, the guests enter a secret world. the gate of the chinese restaurant echoes the lobby’s concept of ‘breaking through the cocoon for rebirth’, and opens another journey behind the door. it not only ensures the unity of the design, but also enhances the immersive experience of the guests. as the guests wander along the circulation, subtle and sophisticated details are waiting to be discovered. the space is awash with an inconspicuous yet enchanting rhythm. the design extracts the mysterious forest elements of tangshan mountain, and transforms them into the patterns of screens, which separate yet connect different areas. black and white, hardness and softness, implicit charm and noticeable strength, delicate grain and rough textures, are balanced in harmony.

CCD's luxury hotel in china takes shape as a minimalist cocoon made of natural materials


banyan tree nanjing garden expo by ccd 5

banyan tree nanjing garden expo by ccd 6




project info:



name: banyan tree nanjing garden expo
designer: CCD / cheng chung design

location: nanjing garden expo, jiangsu
art consulting: CCD, WOWU art consultancy
area: 35,000 sqm



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