C.F. moller: danish state prison
all images courtesy of C.F. møller architects

C.F. møller architects have won the competition to build a new state prison on the island of falster in denmark.

the star-shaped structure, draws its shape from that of surrounding villages, creating a small,
condensed environment which offers a variety of spatial experiences and functional density.
situated at the centre of the urban environment will be an administration building, occupation building
and culture centre which will include a library, religious worship room, sports facilities and a shop.
the compact structure of the prison means there is also space for natural and cultivated areas,
sections for animal husbandry and the integration of sports facilities. the prison will house approximate 250 inmates.

C.F. moller: danish state prison

C.F. moller: danish state prison
a plaza area and sequence of streets bind the complex together

C.F. moller: danish state prison
interior of communal space

C.F. moller: danish state prison

C.F. moller: danish state prison

radiating outwards from the central cluster of buildings will be four wings and one high security wing.
its star shape will ensure all wings have a view of the landscape, but none will have visual contact with each other.
a six-meter tall perimeter wall will create a less restrictive appearance, providing a sense of dialogue with the
outside world. a plaza area and sequence of streets bind the complex together.

C.F. moller: danish state prison

the inmates spend all their waken hours in the prison environment, and the architecture within the prison walls
is therefore an extremely important part of their lives and experiential universe. that is why we have deliberately
created a very varied and stimulating environment of different spaces and landscape features –
hopefully this will contribute to the resocialization of the individual and to create renewed confidence in the
community and mutual respect for society as a whole
.’ – mads mandrup

C.F. moller: danish state prison
site plan

the complex will be executed in a warm, grey shade of brick, however, there will be a variation
in construction materials. for example, the crystal-shaped occupation building will be clad with
perforated metal plates in green shade, and the round cultural centre is to be covered in class
and ringed by glass slats.

project info:
client: the danish prison and probation service
client advisor: niras
engineering: rambøll
architect: C.F. møller architects
landscape: marianne levinsen landscape
collaborators: CRECEA, aggebo&henriksen
size: 32 000 m2
completion year: 2016
design year: 2010