chandigarh by le corbusier architecture abandonment
image courtesy of arjun goel and tawish taya




manmohan nath sharma, the former chief architect of chandigarh, the le corbusier-designed city–the first in india to be constructed entirely on plan–continues to speak out about the municipality’s abandonment. the more than 90-year-old sharma has been mourning the lack of maintenance to the site and the  continued general neglect to preserve the social, economic and political ideals le corbusier had instilled into his urban master plan for the region located in the indian state of punjab.


developments in adjacent areas such mallanpur garibdass, situated north of the city–and which has become known as the ‘new chandigarh’–are jeopardizing the survival of ‘real’ chandigarh, as confusion looms over it (and other local constructions) being an extension of the original scheme, MN sharma has recently communicated to local newspaper the indian express. today, people are not even encouraged to experience chandigarh, with major landmarks in the city like le corbusier’s parasol assembly building (above) being intensely guarded by local officials.


in 2011, the new delhi organization INDIA DESIGN FORUM invited designboom to investigate the current state of chandigarh. we spoke extensively with sharma about his involvement in the project, and his views on the current state of affairs related to le corbusier’s master plan. see more on designboom’s full feature ‘save chandigarh‘.



designboom speaks with manmohan nath sharma, former chief architect of the city of chandigarh
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