sited in the ancient village of changqi in china’s guangdong province, changqi stadium receives an expressive bamboo corridor by atelier cnS. while the classic lingan-gabled architectural fabric of the neighborhood has been preserved, the context maintains an emphasis on tradition and craft. while the village borders on a forest of moso bamboo, the area is built upon a tradition of bamboo weaving, a major driving force in the design process of the corridor by atelier cnS. the project encircles a once-derelict basketball court which has been transformed in a larger plan for the village. the team makes use of locally sourced materials and traditional weaving techniques to generate a new sports facility and rejuvenate the area.

changqi stadium bamboo corridor
all images by jiancong chen



atelier cnS fabricates its bamboo corridor alongside the the changqi stadium basketball court, utilizing the material toughness bamboo together with the traditional bamboo weaving techniques of the village. the interconnected, blooming structures organically cantilever from the side of the court so as to not disrupt the viewers’ line of sight and are loosely woven to allow for the filtering of natural sunlight and shadowing. each umbrella-shaped, three-dimensionally curved surface realizes a diameter of over seven meters with an integrated structural skin.

changqi stadium bamboo corridor



during the construction of the changqi stadium bamboo corridor, atelier cnS collaborated with local artisans of the ancient village. the student volunteer construction team of the university of science and technology school of architecture also participated in joint construction while villagers spontaneously participated in the bamboo weaving, learning methods of construction, so that the rural revitalization generated an atmosphere of participation and exciting new vitality. the project ultimately succeeded in activating the exploration and application of traditional and environmentally sustainable materials, but also renewing a new touristic attitude of changqi ancient village.

changqi stadium bamboo corridor changqi stadium bamboo corridor changqi stadium bamboo corridor changqi stadium bamboo corridor changqi stadium bamboo corridor changqi stadium bamboo corridor changqi stadium bamboo corridor



project info:


project title: changqi stadium bamboo corridor

architecture: atelier cnS

location: changqi village, lubao town, foshan city, china

construction: dongguan huichun municipal landscape engineering co., ltd

completion: october 2019

photography: jiancong chen