rising from the endless dry landscape near marfa, texas, a residence envisioned by charlap hyman & herrero evokes a composition of natural desert landforms. the los angeles- and new york-based architecture firm programs the speculative project as a retreat for a young collector outside the isolated, art-centered community. against a backdrop of ragged hills, the building’s profile is expressive of the both the distant ridgelines as well as the minimalist forms of a fortress. with an exterior materiality of clay colored local adobe, the home is visually integrated into the vast natural surroundings.

charlap hyman herrero marfa
images courtesy of charlap hyman & herrero | @ch_herrero



charlap hyman & herrero organizes its marfa residence as an inward looking artist’s sanctuary. a two-level main house and a one-level guest house are adjoined by a centralized courtyard, offering an intimately guarded oasis. a compact floor plan is cleanly and artfully formalized with minimalist arch motifs and opened with graciously tall ceilings. rhythmic, full height windows overlooking the courtyard introduce an atmosphere of light-filled expansiveness. 

charlap hyman herrero marfa



the design team envisions the project as a composition of courtyards and exterior stairs, with less area dedicated to interior space. in conversation with charlap hyman & herrero, PIN-UP notes the influence of donald judd, the man most considered to have originally ‘put marfa on the map,’ with its minimal collection of volumes. further mentioned is the influential work of michael heizer — another artist known for his monumental sculptures and landform works often integrated into a rugged, desert landscape.

charlap hyman herrero marfa charlap hyman herrero marfa charlap hyman herrero marfa charlap hyman herrero marfa charlap hyman herrero marfa



project info:


architecture: charlap hyman & herrero

location: marfa, texas

program: residential

client: private

area: 2,800 square feet