’26 houses’ by cheungvogl all images courtesy sheungvogl

hong kong-based architectural studio cheungvogl  (judy cheung and christoph vogl) has sent us images of their second project in south america. ’26 houses’, also referred to as ‘CDM’, is a residential development overlooking the pacific ocean on the coastline of manta, ecuador. as the name might suggest, the project consists of 26 houses plus 2 optional units which stagger up the existing landscape, creating a terraced form that provides an unobstructed view of the beach for each unit.

cheungvogl: 26 houses straight on view showing the central pedestrian axis

the design features a central pedestrian access which runs up and connects the terraced gardens together. moments of rest and communal spaces are provided along this axis, providing a sense of community within the multi-house complex. ample deck space is created through the staggered-stacking layout of the units, while a shared roof top accommodates a sundeck and pool. a discreet ramp off the main road leads cars to a covered park area on the 10th level.

cheungvogl: 26 houses private terraces

cheungvogl: 26 houses large overhang provides privacy for the inhabitants

by inserting each house into the slope of the terrain, unnecessary site excavation and fill is kept to a minimum, making the build of the project cost-efficient. based on a rationalized modular system, the design allows for prefabricated construction to be brought on site for a speedier construction process.

cheungvogl: 26 houses

cheungvogl: 26 houses section