‘deng’ by cheungvogl in beijing, china all images courtesy cheungvogl

hong-kong based studio cheungvogl (judy cheung, christoph vogl) has sent us images of their newest project, ‘deng’, an open exhibition, gallery and retail space in beijing, china. conceived to showcase and promote the works of young and emerging designers and artists, the project consists of one shared space that acts as an arena for cross-pollination of ideas and resources.

in order to maximize flexibility, the space is designed as an expansive blank canvas which can be easily transformed to best suit the day to day functions. this unmarked treatment of the room allows visitors to focus on the exhibited work.

cheungvogl: deng general view

cheungvogl: deng blank canvas walls

cheungvogl: deng

the displayed art shows works by collaborators chan hiu-kwan, ip hoi-lam, sim chan wing-leung and chau hoi-yee.