‘the public layer’ by cheungvogl in hong kong all images courtesy cheungvogl

hong-kong based practice cheungvogl (judy cheung, christoph vogl) has sent us images of their new project, ‘the public layer’, a new urban intervention that aims to provide maximum horizontal space in a vertically orientated city centre. taking le corbusier’s model of the layered city structure as a point of departure, the design features a new hybrid interpretation of a skywalk, public space and transport, residential developments and infrastructural opportunities.

cheungvogl: the public layer, hong kong street views

located in the compact city of hong kong, the case study reclaims the space above des voeux road to generate a ‘public podium’ which consists of an exhibition space, pedestrian-friendly zone, public facilities, and retail. the street level below benefits from shade while comprehensive connections are made between the MTR (public transport hong kong), car park, and public space. integrated to its site, ‘the public layer’ involves its context to become an urban landmark within the city. 

cheungvogl: the public layer, hong kong view of the public podium and the street in context

cheungvogl: the public layer, hong kong (left) elevation diagram (right) layered components

cheungvogl: the public layer, hong kong sketch