based in frutillar, chile, zerocabin offers a kit of entirely self-sustaining off-grid cabins for those who seek to escape into the natural environment without leaving a negative impact. while zerocabin was developed by a small team of scientists with no architectural training, the timber built cabins seek to mimic naturally occurring systems. taking influence from the phyllotactic arrangement of leaves along a stem, each cabin is oriented at a precise angle within its context for optimal exposure to the sun, making the most efficient use of solar panels for on-site generation of energy.

zerocabin chile
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the chile-based zerocabin team offers a kit of parts designed to exist entirely off-grid within any natural context, operating within the limits of the environment. each cabin is built by the team, who further offers a plan for maintenance of such integrated systems as photovoltaic panels, grey- and blackwater treatment, and rainwater collection purified by reverse osmosis. while the zerocabin is elevated upon a base of two meter-high wooden piles to avoid damage from rodents and humidity and to maximize views, its timber frame construction is assembled without the use of nails. biodegradable insulation together with thermally efficient glazing systems allow for a minimal usage of active heating and cooling systems.

zerocabin chile



the team comments on its mission:the zerocabin is zero impact, it is a perfect symbiosis between you and nature. we build it wherever you want, we just leave a path, we don’t use a boom truck. 10% of our utility is invested in plans to preserve native forests and wildlife. this through the construction of zerocabin (with our resources) in parks that go on to perpetual preservation through the royal right law of conservation.’

zerocabin chile zerocabin chile zerocabin chile zerocabin chile zerocabin chile



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company / project title: zerocabin

team location: frutillar, chile