andrea maffei architects wins honorable mention for ruch chorzow stadium in poland
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milan-based architect andrea maffei, and his studio recently entered a competition for the design of a 12,000 seat stadium in chorzow, poland. the brief called for a secure and performing 21st century sports arena with the possible addition of 4,000 places for spectators. training fields and a fan’s village were required as auxilary functions. accommodating restaurants and meeting places that would be accessible 7 days a week, regardless of sporting and other events, a large canopy extends beyond the bowl. its organic silhouette encompasses the project, providing protection from weather at all entrances. a benefit of this cantilever is a blurred boundary between the complex and its external environment. the open plaza below is punctuated by long thin steel and concrete columns that double as drainage from the roof.



chorzow stadium by andrea maffei wins honorable mention
delicate columns support the extensive roof, which provides places for public meetings, safe from weather any day of the year
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the project was organized with the idea of traffic and circulation. to the west, there is access to a restricted area for players, referees, authorities and press. their arrival is streamlines with special badges for entry. in this area players have access to a car park next to the training field, press and authorities have designated spaces, and there are parking lots for ambulances, fire brigade and police.


spectators are welcomed by the extended roof, which reaches toward the road, acting as an organizing feature for those arriving at the venue. here one finds a kiss and ride for taxi and bus service. on the opposite side of the stadium there are places for the visiting team’s busses and fan vehicles. upon entering, facilities are located on the ground level to add activity and variety of services to the access areas.



 chorzow stadium by andrea maffei wins honorable mention
looking out onto the pitch
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access to the stadium is designed to limit queues  with evenly distributed entries across the various sectors and numerous stairs to seating. their proportions are calculated to allow emergency evacuation in 8 minutes. additional circulation, not for egress, is narrower, and leads to a peripheral terrace. here, spectators can take a break from the game or event and enjoy a priveledged point of view is offered over the landscape. this area also allows elevator access to the stands. a second balcony above provides even more spectacular views. however, it also has a secondary function as the structural base for an additional 4,000 seats to be added in the future.



 chorzow stadium by andrea maffei wins honorable mention
the organic form extends toward the road, beckoning fans and guiding them safely into the stadium
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andrea maffei addresses the issue of security by employing sectors. the west wing accommodates VIP with a large hospitality area with an exclusive bar, catering and refresment area, and other funtctions allowing autonomous use. glazing ensures privacy while allowing daylight illumination. designated lifts provide direct access to the 480 seats, and 8 skyboxes, which include a small kitchen and private toilet. at the lower levels, the media also shares this zone. here are the press and conference rooms, and a TV studio connected directly to the playing field. there are 100 seats for journalists fully equipped with computers and internet connection for use during a game. two sectors are reserved for the ruch chorzow home fans, encompassing the north, east and south. a smaller area for visiting fans is relegated to the northwest.



chorzow stadium by andrea maffei wins honorable mention





 project info:


project: ruch chorzow stadium – poland
location: chorzow, poland
program: football (soccer) stadium
client: stowarzyszenie architektów polskich oddział katowice
competition time: september  2013 – october 2013
project leader: andrea maffei / andrea maffei architects, milano
project architect: stefano bergagna / andrea maffei architects, milano
design team: stefano bergagna, giuliano godoli, giorgio ramponi / andrea maffei architects, milano
structure project: prof. massimo majowiecki / studio tecnico majowiecki
associate architect:  jagiełło krysiak architekci
total area: 100.527  sqm
covered area: 33.254  sqm
seats: 12.108/16203  seats
maximum height: 18,25 m
materials: concrete, steel, glass, teflon