‘aesop soho’ london location by ciguë all images courtesy of aesop




parisian design group ciguë has recently completed a retail space for aesop, the luxury skin-care line, in london’s soho area. the historic site has transformed from farmland to royal park, red light district to bohemian neighborhood before housing the aesop store. the contrasting site is mirrored inside as smooth enameled bent steel shelves are fastened onto stone walls. the use of the material was chosen for its longevity. the form and color echos the wall, creating an understated display area that stretches along the whole perimeter. 

ciguë: aesop soho shoporiginal structure of the building with enamel shelves applied to the walls 

ciguë: aesop soho shopcheck-out area 

ciguë: aesop soho shopview of shelves 

ciguë: aesop soho shopdetail of bent enamel shelving 

ciguë: aesop soho shopdetail of vintage sink 

ciguë: aesop soho shopshop exterior