architecture studios entre terras and pablo resende have collaborated to complete a retail interior restoration for fashion brand ‘haight clothing’ in brazil. thinking of architecture as a choreography through space, the architects have developed the whole project as an investigation on sensory spatial perception. the interior is formed as a lightscape, with a sequence of closed and open areas towards the sky, allowing visitors to experience an ever-changing environment, through simple forms and materials.

haight clothing 5

photo by ruy teixeira, unless stated otherwise



the plot featured a pre-existing building, whose structure was preserved and became a guideline for the new opaque facade designed by entre terras and pablo resende. what looks as rigid and geometric from the outside, becomes fluid and flexible when entering the building. the interior is organized as a series of rooms of different shapes, with nothing but the sky forming the ceiling in some areas. the space in between these rooms forms a maze-like structure, with an intimate circulation that leads to the dressing rooms.

haight clothing 1



the surfaces of the project are just the result of adding or unveiling layers of materials. the rough texture of the walls appears as a reinterpretation of ordinary landscapes and cityscapes, while the sandstone used is a reminder of the beaches that ‘haight clothing’ originates from. the whole stone formation is characterized by a spontaneous accumulation of sand layers deposited through time. the project is essentially a handmade process of sculpting, making all the natural features evident within the space.

haight clothing 2

haight clothing 3

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image by pedro kok

haight clothing 9

haight clothing 10
the spatial sequence
image courtesy of entre terras, pablo resende

haight clothing 11
voids and skylights
image courtesy of entre terras, pablo resende


haight clothing 12
image courtesy of entre terras, pablo resende



project info:


name: haigh clothing
architecture office: entre terras, pablo resende
location: são paulo, brazil



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