cloud seeding pavilion examines dichotomy between sun and shade
all photos by aviad bar ness




‘cloud seeding’ plaza pavilion for israel’s national design museum by MODU with geotectura employs 30,000 unsupported  lightweight plastic balls to foster public engagement. by suspending the balls above the space the relationship between sun and shade are in constant dialogue due to the shifting character of the installation.



located in the crowded central plaza, the ubiquitous israeli greenhouse has been repurposed as a space to host performances, dance classes, beach chairs and loaner books: to energize the existing bustling plaza.

video by ori zifroni


cloud seeding pavilion
a view from above reveals how the balls move to reflect wind direction

cloud seeding pavilion
the space features symmetry and limited supports to facilitate movement

modu geotectura cloud pavilion designboom4
lounge chairs promote relaxation and a permanent human presence in the plaza

modu geotectura cloud pavilion designboom5
a view looking up shows the transparency of the recycled balls which illuminate while providing shade

modu geotectura cloud pavilion designboom7
the space has become a popular gathering place for locals




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edited by: trevor reed | designboom