danish firm COBE has won a competition to transform the old industrial harbor in cologne into an area that follows a sustainable, lively aesthetic and marked with a waterfall and public pool as the landmark of this revitalized area.

cobe architects cologne deutzer-hafen designboom
the pool collects rainwater and waste heat from the district and will become a new attraction in the city
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COBE‘s proposal will see the reinterpretation of the 35-hectare historic industrial harbor and create a dense urban building structure, active and climate proofed public spaces and innovative traffic solutions. upon completion, this new neighborhood intends to be a bustling urban area offering varied activities adapted to the different situations of high tide and low tide. residents would be able to sail by kayak to their front door during high tide, meanwhile playgrounds in the neighborhood would always be accessible regardless of the water level, while the promenade can be flooded.

cobe architects cologne deutzer-hafen designboom




in addition, the area will evolve into a natural part of the new cologne that can easily be reached by foot and bicycle and is well-connected via public transportation. a new bicycle bridge over the rhine river connects the new area directly to the city center.



‘we have created a consistent sustainable project that is carefully adapted to the local climate. flooding from the rhine river is a serious problem in cologne. therefore, we have been working with a consistent proofing of the whole district by collecting rainwater in a big public pool, which is heated from waste heat from the neighborhood. it solves a serious problem and simultaneously creates a unique attraction for the citizens. the project is already informally referred to as ”der pool ist cool!” by locals’, comments dan stubbergaard, founder and creative director of COBE.

site plan



project info:

deutzer hafen
location: cologne, germany
client: the city of cologne and moderne stadt
architect: cobe
engineer: transsolar
water strategy: atelier dreiseitl
program: masterplan for transformation of harbour area in cologne
size: 500.000 m2 floor space
status: 1st prize in competition in september 2016