art villas resort expands with nest-like 'coco' cabins clustered along costa rica's jungle slope

art villas resort expands with nest-like 'coco' cabins clustered along costa rica's jungle slope

joining two resort villas hidden among the jungles above costa rica‘s hermosa beach, a cluster of ‘coco’ art villas are completed, with architecture by ARCHWERK and interiors by formafatal. a continuation of the ‘hidden art villas resort,’ the cabin dwellings are nestled along a steep forested slope near the town of uvita. with visualizations first revealed early this summer, ‘coco’ forms a part of the complex and represents a unique example of playful, glamping, sustainable and modern tropical architecture. when the client approached the design team, he sought to create a place where visitors can integrate with their natural surroundings, clear their mind and experience luxury and adventure at the same time. ‘coco’ joins the formafatal-designed ‘atelier villa‘ and ‘art villa.’

coco art villas resort
images by boysplaynice



ARCHWERK and formafatal introduce the ‘coco’ hidden art villas as a cluster of tree houses for a resort retreat that is both luxurious and adventurous. while the resort is sited along the jungle slope, tiny nest-like cabins occupy a freshly landscaped garden without fully grown trees. studio formafatal followed up on the work of architects from archwerk and, together with client filip žák, realized the layout of individual coco buildings on the plot. the set of five resort dwellings levitates a few meters above the sloping terrain and is absorbed by lush tropical vegetation.

coco art villas resort



studio formafatal and ARCHWERK sensitively connect the individual ‘coco’ resort art villas with footbridges and stairs of wood and expanded metal, which are mounted on steel columns. the platforms serve as stopping points for views of the countryside, or you can even jump on a trampoline on one of the landing. the footbridges and landings have minimalist shape and we intentionally designed them in clean lines, which are typical for other buildings in the resort. only the main terraces in the two height levels are based on the form of the coco houses themselves, the shapes are soft and organic. these terraces are set very close to the jungle and also offer views of the pacific ocean.

coco art villas resort



the formafatal-designed ‘coco’ interiors are minimalist and playful. you will not find anything unnecessary there, but at the same time nothing is missing. the focal point of each coco bedroom is a bed that sits on a raised part of the floor. the layout in each cabin is designed to take advantage of the most breathtaking views, where monkeys and toucans can be seen directly from the bed. the mosquito net is kind of object in the object respecting the shape of the building and is the dominant element of every bedroom. back of the beds are designed from the welded wire mesh. in each bedroom, a different color is chosen, which is further reflected in the color scheme of the dressing rooms.

coco art villas resort coco art villas resort 


coco art villas resort coco art villas resort coco art villas resort coco art villas resort coco art villas resort




project info:


project title: ‘coco’ art villas resort

architecture: ARCHWERK

interior design: formafatal

landscape: atelier flera

location: bahia ballena, playa hermosa, costa rica

completion: 2020

photography: boysplaynice

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