interiors studio vipp curates minimalist surfer's retreat on denmark's 'cold hawaii' coast

interiors studio vipp curates minimalist surfer's retreat on denmark's 'cold hawaii' coast

inspired by the wild landscape of ‘cold hawaii’


The wild dunes of Denmark‘s Thy National Park, dotted with historic fisherman’s cottages, are home to what is known by local surfers as ‘Cold Hawaii.’ Here, humbly occupying the landscape’s raw beauty, stands a newly renovated guesthouse by architecture studio Hahn Lavsen and interior design studio Vipp. This one-room retreat offers a unique blend of minimalist design and natural immersion for wave-riders and slow-living enthusiasts alike. Drawing its name from the Old Norse word for ‘people,’ Thy reflects the deep connection between residents and the untamed Northern Sea. The guesthouse is now available for visitors to book, marking Vipp’s latest in a series of guesthouses across Italy, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Andorra.

vipp cold hawaiiimages courtesy Vipp



material honesty inspired by tradition


The Cold Hawaii renovation results from a collaboration between local architects Hahn Lavsen and interiors studio Vipp. The guesthouse sits on 2.4 acres, and stands as a small dot against the horizon. Its 1,650 square feet take shape with simple geometric forms and a limited material palette, exuding a subtle confidence and durability. Aerated concrete, wood, stainless steel, glass, and brick create a dialogue between modern minimalism and traditional vernacular architecture. With only five materials, each used with minimal processing, the architects sought to create a raw and honest experience. The rough white-washed walls, untreated Douglas fir roof, and natural linseed oil-treated wooden ceiling all nod to the surrounding elements. Classic oak stable doors echo the area’s agricultural past, while strategically placed glass walls connect the interior to the vast landscape. Exposed brick floors, laid in sand instead of mortar, reference the sandy beaches and add a touch of unexpected textural contrast.

vipp cold hawaii
a new guesthouse designed by Hahn Lavsen and Vipp humbly occupies Denmark’s Thy National Park



modern spaces by interiors studio vipp


Stepping inside the Cold Hawaii guesthouse, Julie Cloos Mølsgaard’s interior design expertise is showcased. Contrasted with the exterior’s rawness, the space features high-precision furniture and objects. A sandy color palette and natural textures reflect the surrounding beaches, dunes, and cliffs, creating a sense of warmth and harmony. The two-story layout features three double bedrooms, two bathrooms, a utility room, and an open-plan living area and kitchen. A custom-built fireplace anchors the space, while the newly released Vipp V3 kitchen takes center stage. This modular kitchen in naturally anodized aluminum blends functionality with minimalist aesthetics, becoming a seamless part of the living environment.

vipp cold hawaii
drawing inspiration from the landscape, the architecture features a limited material palette and minimalist aesthetic vipp cold hawaii
the retreat is an invitation to slow down and connect with the raw beauty of Denmark’s Cold Hawaii interiors studio vipp curates minimalist surfer's retreat on denmark's 'cold hawaii' coast
a custom-built fireplace anchors the open-plan living area, while the new Vipp V3 kitchen takes center stage


large windows frame coastal views, while the open-gable layout draws the eye towards nature

interiors studio vipp curates minimalist surfer's retreat on denmark's 'cold hawaii' coast
a sandy interior palette create a warm and inviting contrast to the exterior’s rawness


Vipp Cold Hawaii, Thy is a newly completed sanctuary for both surfers and those seeking slow-living

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