colectivo creativo clads VIMOB modular home in textural earthy hues
image by mauricio carvajal / felipe orvi




based on the concept of a developing a prefabricated dwelling catered for isolated areas with difficult accessibility and limited available material, the architects at colectivo creativo ‘ has created the ‘VIMOB’ modular housing solution; structured by an easy, practical assembly and is articulated around creating a comfortable setting for its inhabitants.


composed of timber; OSB panels have been used on the walls and pine applied onto the ceilings. the container-like structure is defined by its textural qualities and use of earthy hues on its façade, allowing it to harmonize with its green backdrop. sliding doors from the terrace open into the spacious kitchen and living spaces, establishing a constant relationship between the interior and exterior.

sliding glass doors lead onto the decked terrace




each component of the project was designed and constructed to be adapted and adjusted to the module frame. the entire scheme requires minimal on-site finishing and labor, reducing raw material waste, the carbon footprint, impact on site and most of all, gives users the opportunity to use it in a diverse number of environments.

colectivo-creativo-arquitectos-vimob-modular-housing-colombia-designboom-03inside, walls are clad in OSB and the ceilings in pine wood

colectivo-creativo-arquitectos-vimob-modular-housing-colombia-designboom-03the lounge and kitchen area

colectivo-creativo-arquitectos-vimob-modular-housing-colombia-designboom-03VIMOB was developed in the architect’s workshop, dismantled and sent to the construction site directly


colectivo-creativo-arquitectos-vimob-modular-housing-colombia-designboom-03inside the bedroom

colectivo-creativo-arquitectos-vimob-modular-housing-colombia-designboom-03the project was designed for minimal on-site labor and a reduce amount of raw material waste

a sense of transparency is achieved by the large glass doors that establishes of connection with the environment

colectivo-creativo-arquitectos-vimob-modular-housing-colombia-designboom-03the scheme revolves around quick and easy assembly without the need for many tools

colectivo-creativo-arquitectos-vimob-modular-housing-colombia-designboom-03the color palette and the sense of lightness, seeks to harmonize with the green backdrop behind

colectivo-creativo-arquitectos-vimob-modular-housing-colombia-designboom-03the modular housing solution is based on the concept of prefabrication and assembly

colectivo-creativo-arquitectos-vimob-modular-housing-colombia-designboom-03the VIMOB dwelling can be erected in a diverse range of settings






project info:



architects: colectivo creativo arquitectos
location: corregimiento de matapalo, palmira, valle del cauca, colombia
project year: 2015
area: 37 m2
design team: felipe lerma, juan sebastián saavedra, laura lerma, giovanella astudillo, darío conde