concept jeep 'container house' can be built & dismantled anywhere for nomad lifestyle

concept jeep 'container house' can be built & dismantled anywhere for nomad lifestyle

Living a nomad life with Jeep’s container house


Jeep Japan has come up with a container house concept that can be built and dismantled anywhere, a wanderer’s sleeping companion. The car company is toying with working on a convertible house that can be constructed in the wilderness, desert, or snowy mountains while giving the owners leeway to toy with the room settings and features. Their collaboration has resulted in the first look of what they call ‘traveling house,’ conceiving the usual look of a container house, but adding an element of outdoor living in the design. 

jeep container house
images courtesy of Dolive and Jeep



The main door slides open to save space and is positioned in the middle to immediately give expansive views of the inside. Across the main door and on the sides, large windows open to nature and surroundings to invite natural light inside. When the sunlight penetrating the inside becomes too much, owners can just flap the window blinds down like a treasure box. The dubbed Jeep container house seems suitable for families and wanderers who want to enjoy the outdoor life, either temporarily or permanently.

jeep container house
the jeep container house is powered by solar panels



The design team states that the Jeep container house has its outer wall intentionally designed to be opened and closed to give it a spacious vibe, while the rooftop anchors a natural skylight to elicit a sense of openness. The only barrier that refrains the owners from living entirely outside is the galvanized iron foundation of the container house, a testament to how the design team wants residents to always feel connected with the surroundings.

jeep container house
the space divisions depend on the owners



Space divisions depend on the owners


The design team of Jeep Japan also recommends those who want to live in the container house to have their own sofa, tarpaulins, and carpet for outside bonding. It can easily pass as outdoor camping, and just add a campfire in the scene at sunset or in the evening and the chill mode is full-blown. Going inside, the environment softens with the glass material that permeates the space. The design team has decided not to divide the spaces inside on their own and allow the owners to do it themselves.

jeep container house
windows have blocks that flap



With this setting, owners can position their sleeping, kitchen, dining, and living areas how they want it. It looks like the position of the windows can’t be changed, but the benefits of configuring the space how the owners want it can be a winsome deal. They can twist the spaces then to their benefit and let the natural light spill in wherever home areas they want it to enter.


Jeep container house

Solar-powered container house


Relating to Jeep, solar panels power the container house, so electricity runs throughout the property. The setting allows owners to charge their Jeep vehicles as they rest inside their accommodation. Since Jeep has been developing plug-in hybrids and electric vehicles, having solar panels for the container house is a reasonable approach. Solar panels also allow a comfortable living in the wilderness where generating electricity isn’t a problem.

jeep container house
sunset time at jeep container house



The choice of recyclable wood is a conscious decision from the design team who wants the container house to resemble an apartment or proper house on a lot and to ensure that the materials conform to the standards the environment requires these days. Since Jeep’s container house can be built anywhere the owners like, it’s also possible for them to have two homes: one in the city and one where the container house is built. In the former lies where the hustling lifestyle is while in the latter nestles where the sanctuary is. 

jeep container house
nighttime camping at jeep container house



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company: Jeep (Japan)

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