situated in iizuka, japan, peak studio has realized a one-story private residence for a family who wants to move from bustling tokyo to the relaxing countryside. the site is located between the national road and a village with fields, with an open view to the forest, the honami river and the mountains. at a distance, there are the remains of the foundations of a windlass from the coal mining era, chimneys and brick walls that have survived over the years, and an impressive landscape that includes the remnants of an inn town.

house in iizuka 1

the materials chosen for the exterior structure and walls will develop a flavor with time
all images by katsumasa tanaka



in order to integrate the new dwelling into the landscape, peak studio selected materials such as cement sheets, blackened zamammai steel plates, and broken stones, which in time will become mossy, becoming one with the surrounding nature. after discussing with the clients, it became apparent that they want a house where they can lead a nature-focused life, based on farm work, and on strengthening relationships with neighbors and relatives. in order to generate an environment that corresponds to these needs, the architects have designed a simple structure with a protected garden. 

house in iizuka 2
the stones in metal baskets will moss, the cement plates will turn white, the zam steel plates will darken



the sheltered garden was formed on the east side of the building, by constructing a long wall that stands between the dwelling and the national road. a tall volume with a high ceiling houses the dining room, forming an overhang over the garden, with tall openings on all four sides opening towards the sky and the field views. a simple structure with two volumes, and a mixed structure of wood and steel creates a ‘ramshackle’ interior, with movable storage furniture and partitioning fixtures allowing residents to change the space as they move through it. 

house in iizuka 3
the dining room and the kitchen feature a high side window that lets light in



while most of the house opens up to the sky, the lower part is enclosed within a wall to ensure the privacy of the residents. the open character of the dwelling allows the family to be connected to the neighborhood and grasp the rural atmosphere. meanwhile, it provides residents with the opportunity to observe the sky and the trees, as well as enjoy the sunlight through the glass. in combination with the clients’ taste, the entire house has been composed with rough materials, both inside and out, creating an environment that in time, will change and evolve alongside the surrounding environment. 

house in iizuka 4

house in iizuka 5
the exterior walls are made of cement plates and ZAM steel plates

house in iizuka 6
the top light illuminates the bathroom

house in iizuka 7
the dining room

house in iizuka 8

house in iizuka 9
the floor plan can be altered according to lifestyle changes, by dividing the room with movable furniture

house in iizuka 10
the exterior blends in with the landscape

house in iizuka 11

house in iizuka 12



project info:


name: house in iizuka
architects: peak studio
location: iizuka city, fukuoka prefecture, japan



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