HAPPY BIRTHDAY! designboom china is online since a year and 900 articles are already available.

to celebrate our first chinese anniversary we invite you to join the designboom conversation during beijing design week 2011.

‘designboom conversation: contemporary chinese architecture from the outside in’

is there a new, more flexible urban ideal? one in which the greatness of cities is seen to arise from a clash of architectural visions, built up from spontaneous and unregulated taste and problems of densification? many of the new generation, overseas-educated chinese architects have decided to stay in china and are internationally known for their experimental building processes and indigenous use of materials. from recycling-based construction methods to the mass creation of new high-rise buildings, contemporary chinese architecture is a progressive force in society, and has begun to make its own, unique mark on 21st century global architecture.

VERSO EST – contemporary chinese architectural landscape‘ is a current exhibition at MAXXI – the XXI century art museum in rome, italy. autographed copies of the catalog are available after the event.

moderated by birgit lohmann (editor-in-chief designboom) guest speakers: fang zhenning (artist, art critic, curator of the VERSO EST exhibition), and 5 of the most influential contemporary chinese architects : ma yansong (MAD), zhu pei, liu jiakun, wang yun and liu xiaodu (urbanus).

UCCA auditorium wednesday, september 28th, 2011 16:00 – 18:00

UCCA ullens center for contemporary art 798 art district no. 4 jiuxianqiao lu chaoyang district beijing, china 100015