coo planning: house in asahiku is divided into three volumes
all images courtesy of coo planning




sandwiched between two voids, ‘house in asahiku’ by japanese architects coo planning is orientated around three volumes with its main living spaces located in the middle. built on a compact site in osaka asahi-ku imaichi, japan, the clean lines of the building’s facade stand out in comparison to its chaotic surroundings. when viewed from the street, the horizontal panels are absent from any punctuations other than an integrated black door, marking the entrance. the front elevation gradually steps back to form a pitched roof, opening at the top to filter light into the void attached to the entrance way. this double-height interior is in direct contrast to the stark exterior, it consists of soft wooden materials, and also a stairwell used to connect the middle ‘in between’ spaces. small nooks and crannies spill out to the side of the staircase, joining the different levels together.


the entrance void is mirrored on the opposite side by an outdoor courtyard, completing the volume and helping to wrap the functions in the middle: a living room, kitchen, master bedroom and children’s room. despite its dense location, the design seeks to create a feeling of openness, which is achieved in this division of the structure. plenty of light streams through to the interior, while still providing the occupants with a sense of privacy. the building displays that even in a compact space, it is possible to activate a diverse range of environments.

coo planning: house in asahiku is divided into three volumes
the entrance features a double height void and stairwell that connects the spaces together



view of the kitchen and entrance void, that wraps the interior functions



the double-height entrance helps to filter light into the interior



circulation spaces on the side of the stairwell (left) looking down onto the stairwell (right)



upstairs bedroom





project info:


location: osaka asahi-ku imaichi
building type: residential
scale: two-story + loft
site area: 79.23 square meters
building area: 52.15 square meters
architects: coo planning