‘confluence museum’ by coop himmelb(l)au, lyon, franceimage © isochrom




after winning a competition in 2001, the ‘confluence museum‘ in lyon by international practice coop himmelb(l)au is under construction with an expected completion in 2014. the unique site location at the confluence of the rhône and saône rivers echoes the dichotomy through the architectural convergence of hard and soft spaces titled the ‘cloud’ and the ‘crystal’. the project will provide a dynamic venue for the public interchange of information and the acquisition of knowledge through digital and analogical means. the museum is a platform for ‘the research of consciousness, the discovery of creative questioning’.


‘its clear, readable forms stand for the world in which we move each day. the cloud, by contrast, holds the knowledge of the future. what is known and what is to be explored are understood in the musée des confluences as a spatial experimental design to stimulate public curiosity’ – architect wolf d. prix



video © coop himmelb(l)au

coop himmelb(l)au: confluence museum under constructioninside the crystal, at the base of the gravity wellimage © isochrom





project info:


site area: 20,975 m2gross floor area: 46,476 m2net floor: 29,700 m2visitors per year: 500,000


coop himmelb(l)au: wolf d. prix, helmut swiczinsky + partnerdesign principal: wolf d. prixproject partner: markus prossniggproject architects: mona bayr, angus schoenbergerproject coordination: thomas margaretha, peter grellproject team vienna: christopher beccone, guy bébié, lorenz bürgi, wolfgang fiel, kai hellat, robert haranza, alex jackson, georg kolmayr, daniel kerbler, lucas kulnig, andreas mieling, marianna milioni, andrea schöning, mario schwary, markus schwarz, oliver tessmann, dionicio valdez, philipp vogt, markus wings, tom wiscombe, christoph ziegler, jutta schädlerproject team lyon: francois texier, philippe folliasson, etienne champenois, alexandru gheorghe, niels hiller, emanuele iacono, pierre-yves six

local architect: planning: patriarche & co, chambéry/lyon, franceexecution: mesa workshop, lyon, franceproject managerment: chabanne & partenaires, lyon, franceconstruction survey lyon: jean pierre debraycosts: mazet & associés, paris, france / cubic, lyon, francestructural engineering: design: b+g ingenieure, bollinger und grohmann gmbh, frankfurt, germanyexecutive: coyne et bellier, lyon, france / vs_a, lille, francehvac: itee-fluides, arnas, francesecurity fire consultation: cabinet casso & cie, paris, franceacoustics: cabinet lamoureux, paris, francemedia consultation: cabinet labeyrie, paris, francelighting consultation: har hollands, eindhoven, netherlandslandscape design: egis aménagement, lyon, france