equals architecture has designed the ‘equals sanctuary’, a multi-functional prefabricated space that can be moved and adapted to any surroundings. this project can accommodate creators, workers, players, makers, doers, relaxers, readers, writers – everyone can benefit from extra room. 

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equals architecture has designed the equals sanctuary, building upon their own experiences in order to offer integrated, sustainable and adaptable design which is readily attainable. the project combines distinct design with the efficiency of modular, prefabricated construction. customers can tailor the exact specification to their current requirements whilst retaining the ability for future reconfiguration. 

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to meet every customer’s individual needs, each sanctuary is made to order with a combination of loops, faces, insulations and wraps. the sanctuary revolves around a core element called a loop, with each one fabricated using 5 sheets of standard dimension plywood -by using CNC there is less than 2% waste-. this base loop can then be fitted and adapted differently to create 8 alternatives for differing functions. each loop fixes directly to another one. a minimum of two loops is required for useable space and as many as needed can be linked together.

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to satisfy the widest variety of functions, a plethora of possibilities have been offered. the structure can be left uninsulated if it is situated indoors, in exhibition centres, stadiums, covered carparks etc, or insulation can be installed between the plywood ribs; some off the shelf options include expanded cork, hemp batts and recycled denim. external finishes feature rubber, reused waterproof canvas and corrugated steel. faces have been designed to close the ends and act as space dividers. a range of face options have been created to suit different uses, site and functional requirements.

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only sustainable and recycled materials are used in the construction, whilst each structure includes the necessary plates and ground anchors so that invasive concrete foundations can be avoided. the designers aimed for longevity of the sanctuary, which can be moved, adapted and reconfigured throughout its lifespan. on the website users can view, select and order their bespoke build. for easy construction the sanctuary comes as a flat pack DIY kit, while customers can either do-it-themselves or opt for an on-site team build. we have curated our favourite parts into four presets; vitae, officium, studio, tabernam. each reaches to a distinct target audience where a gap in the existing market has been identified. a preset can also be the perfect ignition point to inspire prospective customers with a base to develop their own individual specification. 

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create your personal 'sanctuary' with equal architecture's customizable prefab environment


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project info:


name: equals sanctaury

architecture office: equals architecture

project team: etienne wijnen, zac chapman




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