‘OS3H’ by cubo design architect in tokyo, japanall images courtesy cubo design architect

‘OS3H’ by kamakura-based practice cubo design architect (hitoshi saruta) is a two-storey seashore house located on the line of shonan beach in tokyo, japan. detaching itself from the more conventional design of a seaside dwelling, the project trims the view of the water to highlight in a new way the surrounding landscape.

cubo design architect: OS3Hexterior view

clad in vertical running charred timber panels, the house employs a solid identity on the plot. the asymmetrical volume is read as a private structure sitting on a raised platform of reinforced walls. the seaward facing elevation features a wrap around terrace that offers a generous outdoor space for the inhabitants.

cubo design architect: OS3Houtdoor terrace from ground floor

choosing to forgo the natural decision to place the living space along a large glazed surface to secure uninterrupted views of the sea, the design utilizes a thick wall unit that hosts within its width a ‘meditation space’. the addition of this floating program simultaneously ‘edits’ the view, blocking the line of sight of the adjacent highway which runs between the house and the beach. accommodated under a double-height space, the main living space is an open space that focuses on the quality of the interior rather than pinning all its sense of space on the outdoors. a central staircase is lined with bookshelves, overlapping the circulation with a small library. in a similar fashion, the landing of the staircase doubles its function as a study space. 

cubo design architect: OS3Hfrom terrace

cubo design architect: OS3Hview from inside

cubo design architect: OS3Hinterior view

cubo design architect: OS3H (left) atrium (right) from second level

cubo design architect: OS3H

cubo design architect: OS3H (left) elevated circulation (right) staircase

cubo design architect: OS3Helevated window

cubo design architect: OS3H floor plan / level 0 (1) entrance (2) living room (3) dining space (4) kitchen (5) laundry room (6) bathrom (7) storage (8) bedroom (9) deck

cubo design architect: OS3H floor plan / level +1 (1) entrance (2) living room (3) dining space (4) kitchen (5) laundry room (6) bathrom (7) storage (8) bedroom (9) deck