pre-fabricated kite house for weekend getaways by D44 architecture
all visuals courtesy of D44 architecture




led by agnieskzka gansiniec, belgian-architecture firm D44 created the ‘kite house’. the residence was created to suite whatever landscape it’s placed within; whether it be deep within the mountains, or nestled amongst the swaying seaside reeds. ‘kite house’ is fabricated predominately with polycarbonate, which allows the small interior to be consistently illuminated with natural light. the home is split into two levels. the ground floor contains the kitchen, wood stove, and foyer. above, a small loft provides amble room for a bed or living area, which connects to the environment via a large, hinged sunroof. 

pre-fabricated kite house for weekend getaways by D44 architecturefrom the beach 

D44 architecture kite house designboom
interior looking towards the sea 

rear, scale:1/100 



D44 architecture kite house designboom
roof plan, scale:1/200



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