daniel libeskind turns to the polish city of łódź, in collaboration with inlodz21 institution, to design a series of cultural hubs in his home city. nexus21 will consist of 21 distinct interventions that range from buildings to urban spaces located in prominent neighborhoods of łódź. these works are designed to enliven areas of the city with hubs that highlight the creativity and innovation of the city. each of these new hubs will pay homage to the cultural, historical, and industrial heritage of łódź including architecture, textiles, fashion, and film.

daniel libeskind nexus21
images courtesy of daniel libeskind



with his nexus21 in łódź, daniel libeskind employs an innovative approach to urban revitalization. by focusing on multiple neighbors in the center of the city, it will allow the plan to unfold at the pace of economic development. the 21 sites, mostly empty blocks and derelict structures, will be revitalized to create point investments that amplify the character and functionality of each site. the plan targets the spaces in between buildings within the center of the urban plan to create a vibrant nexus between the old and the new while adding value to the historic neighborhoods of łódź. the aim is to create a chain reaction of development across the city that enriches the public realm.

daniel libeskind returns to his hometown with nexus21 architectural interventions



the first nexus21 investment marks the daniel libeskind-designed łódź architecture center that will be located in the historic center of łódź. the architecture center will connect the neighborhood’s retail and tourist destinations with an iconic sculptural structure set to become a cultural gateway and destination. the project completes the connections between the historic context of the neighborhood while invigorating the block with a dynamic geometric form that incorporates glazed skylights and a green roof. the center will explore the historical architectural traditions of łódź, as well as be a place for discovery through state-of-the-art technology.

daniel libeskind nexus21



subsequent developments will include a fashion innovation center that will explore and celebrate the rich history and traditions of the łódź textile and fashion industries. the center will be a generator for innovation and technology, bringing new creative ideas to this historic industry in poland. also built will be the house of the futures, a center devoted to the exploration of questions on how we want to live and where the citizens see the future of the city. part innovation and technology center, part community forum, the house of the futures will be an open dialogue with the city of łódź.