libeskind_beyondthewall_designboom01daniel libeskind places beyond the wall at cosentino’s spanish headquarters
image © cosentino





studio daniel libeskind has placed ‘beyond the wall’ outside the world headquarters of the cosentino group, in almeria, spain, using the company’s recently released surface material dekton®, an ultra-compact product used primarily for a façade covering. libeskind has used the dekton® to clad the sculptural installation, which represents the infinite possibilities of a spiral. the structure’s fractal pattern relates to the golden section, fitting and locking together on top a grassy mound; by not having a central axis, various trajectories are created within the piece. protruding in many directions ‘beyond the wall’ twists 8.5 meters high. the product’s whitest finish, named ‘zenith’, was the chosen for interior and exterior walls, to contrast the smooth black chroma of the ‘sirius’ finish, selected for the floors. a temporary version of this sculpture was first showcased during milan’s design week 2013, at the statale university, which designboom has previously featured, here.

‘beyond the wall’ is boldly situated on top of a hill as a bright white structure
image © cosentino

the sculpture is placed in front of the company’s headquarters and overlooks a parking lot
image © cosentino

the non-repeating pattern creates a mathematical mosiac
image © cosentino

detail of the polycentric spiral
image © cosentino

detail of the permanent ‘beyond the wall’ piece
image © cosentino

detail of the juxtaposing white and black panels
image © cosentino

rendering of ‘beyond the wall’
image © studio libeskind

night render of the structure
image © studio libeskind

original sketch of the initial concept for the piece
image © studio libeskind 



project info:


architect: studio daniel libeskind
client: cosentino
location: almeria, spain
status: completed
completion date: 2014