adjaye associates, the architecture firm led by sir david adjaye, has announced the design of a new memorial in london that will honor cherry groce. in 1985, the police shot groce in her home in front of her children. this unlawful shooting sparked the brixton uprising, in which a community rose up in protest to the systemic injustice faced by britain’s black community. having been paralyzed by the shooting, cherry groce passed away as a direct result of her injuries in 2011. ‘this memorial speaks to restorative justice and will symbolize what matters to the community,’ says david adjaye. ‘this tragedy went too long in the public realm without acknowledgement and there is now renewed urgency and importance in finally facing this history.’


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cherry groce’s son, lee lawrence, who witnessed the shooting at the age of 11, now runs a disabled taxi service, is an inspirational speaker, social change advocate, and founder of the organization behind the memorial. to be sited in windrush square, brixton, a district of south london, the memorial has been designed by adjaye associates as a pavilion that will be used by the community. the structure’s pillar symbolizes strength and support, while the canopy offers protection and shelter. furthermore, the triangular forms reference the mountains of west africa and jamaica — important locations that relate to the family’s roots. the project, which is currently welcoming donations on go fund me, is expected to be unveiled later in 2020.



project info:


name: the cherry groce memorial
location: windrush square, brixton, london, UK
design: adjaye associates
foundation: the cherry groce foundation
donate: go fund me